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The Summit Fitness Studio Buderim is the peak of fitness on the Sunshine Coast, helping you reach your health and fitness goals in a supportive and private environment. Limited availability. Start feeling Strong, Fit and Healthy NOW.
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The Summit Separator

We are a boutique personal training studio located in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast offering a supportive and private workout zone that is customised to meet the needs of each and every client.


At The Summit, we have overcome the common barriers to starting your fitness journey. Our three key peak values are Approachability, Accountability and Achievable.

The Summit Fitness Buderim


The Summit Separator

There is something unique and almost sacred about working out at a private studio. It means the space is yours for the time of your workout, without interruption, concern or worry. You can approach your fitness journey from a place where you feel comfortable, with a trainer who accepts your goals and challenges you to achieve them.

Personal Training


The Summit Separator

Guided by your goals, your time and your commitment, The Summit is the one place where accountability really does matter when it comes to your overall fitness. Having a personalised studio to yourself means you have no excuse not to commit to improving your health. Having a personal trainer dedicated to helping you achieve your goals just adds to the personal accountability at The Summit.

The top 3 benefits of Personal Training


The Summit Separator

Results come in all shapes and forms — and it’s not always weight loss or muscle gain. Personal achievement is the number one triumph at The Summit, with clients walking away happier, healthier and ready to kick-start life. We believe fitness comes from becoming better at being you; from functionality to mental capability — it all comes down to living an active lifestyle. You can achieve all this and more at The Summit.


The Summit Separator


If you feel you need extra coaching or prefer the luxury of a private studio to yourself, this is the option for you. We specialise in half-hour Personal Training sessions to suit the busy professional. Each Personal Training session is tailored to suit your capabilities and requirements. Each client’s session is separated by 5mins to allow for a warm up before training and a cool down whilst enjoying a complementary protein shake.



This option allows you to train with a friend which will aid your commitment and ease those nerves when starting a new fitness program.



Here at The Summit we do not believe in lock-in contracts; you can cancel your session with 24 hours’ notice.


We want you to achieve your goals, so we will reward your commitment. The more sessions you do per week, the less you will pay.



Using our online booking system, you can choose to pre purchase sessions or set up a recurring direct debit.



Information acquired by David Stewart Fitness Pty Ltd (T/A The Summit Buderim) is subject to strict confidentiality requirements. That information will not be disclosed by us to other parties except with your express written consent.