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The top 3 benefits of Personal Training:

The top 3 benefits of Personal Training

The top 3 benefits of Personal Training:

When you picture a Personal Trainer you probably imagine Bootcamp-style abuse, being yelled at until complete exhaustion or worse yet, vomiting into the nearest rubbish bin.  Now look, there is a time and place for that kind of training but for most of the population it would be pure hell.  In my ten years in the fitness/sports science industry, I have trained people from all walks of life. The following is what I would say are the top three benefits of Personal Training:


Every week I would hear the phrase “I wouldn’t have trained today if I didn’t have an appointment”.  This, in my mind, is the number one reason for having a Personal Trainer.   It’s beneficial to have someone to be accountable to who isn’t close enough that you feel comfortable canceling on them.  Also, group exercise doesn’t seem to have the same effect as nobody is counting/waiting on you.  The appointment is the key, you have a place to be, at a certain time, with somebody waiting on you.  Usually, there will be a financial penalty if you don’t show up, which will also keep you more committed.


We are all busy and usually don’t have time to educate ourselves on effective training.  Personally, I do half hour sessions with all my clients; I prefer to see them multiple times a week instead of doing longer sessions.  In that time frame, my clients will get through more sets at a higher level than if they were training themselves at the gym.  The ‘I’m too busy’ excuse goes out the window when you’re committed to three half-hour personal training sessions a week.  I encourage my clients to do more sessions per week, but at least they know they will do this as a minimum.


Generally, a personal training client will have very limited knowledge of training practices and technique.  Personal training can be tailored to the individual, progressing programs as the client is ready.  The benefit of this is you will prevent injuries, work at a suitable level and progress faster.  Group exercise does not have the same ability to personalise and adapt programs to individual requirements, therefore increasing the chance for injury.  The other concern many clients have is not knowing what to do in a gym environment. A Personal Trainer will accelerate your learning and have you proficient in the gym much sooner.

There are many more benefits of hiring a Personal Trainer, but from my experience, these are my top three Personal Training benefits.


David Stewart

Personal Trainer Buderim