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Secret Staircase

Noosa Stairs Personal Training

Secret Staircase

It’s a rare occurrence but we left the hill to find this week’s training session.  You know I have a liking for torturing Katie on steep stairs so we went to the second-best set of stairs on the Sunshine Coast (I may be a little bias as I’m a Buderim local).  Anyway, we travelled North to hang out with the rich and famous on Hastings Street, Noosa.  The stairs aren’t well-known in my circle so I’m assuming it’s a local’s spot.  The stairs run from Hastings Street to Upper Hastings Street – you’ll find them tucked away on the Morwong Street round-about next to the No. 1 Hastings Street Resort.  These stairs are not for the faint-hearted as they are not only steep and long but they are also a little bit sketchy.  But, if you are looking to ‘red line’, try to get up these as fast as possible, you’ll surely reach maximum heart rate.  What I like most about this workout is if you continue up the near-vertical Bay View Road, you’ll find yourself at Laguna look out.  The combination of your pounding heart and the spectacular views up there will almost certainly fill your blood stream with the happy drugs (endorphins) us fitness enthusiasts are addicted to.

A great little workout is doing 3 repeats of the stairs, then get up to the lookout as quickly as possible.  After taking a few selfies, walk down the path to Morwong Drive as a cool down and continue along Hastings until you reach Betty’s Burgers and order yourself a ‘Burger and Concrete’… you deserve it 😉


David Stewart

Personal Trainer Buderim