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Telko (Happiness)

Buderim Tramway Walk

Telko (Happiness)

Katie and I had ridiculously sore legs from training this week so we decided to do something a bit more mellow for our Sunday morning session.  Once upon a time there was a train track running from Palmwoods to Buderim Central and the Buderim Tramway group have preserved it with a commemorative walk, so we decided we go for a little walk/jog.  Set amongst the rainforest this is a beautifully scenic walk and is worth a look.  The track starts from the corner of Telco and Mons road and follows the route of the old train station with a few points of interest on the way.  The track is slightly softer than road so it is a little more forgiving for us heavier humans and is a 4km round trip.  As a place to train it has a slight gradient and is great for someone looking to regain their jogging fitness.  Katie and I don’t do much jogging in our fitness regime and decided to walk downhill and jog back up.  This is what I would suggest for anyone who is headed down this track to regain some fitness.  The walk isn’t intense or long enough for regular runners but it’s definitely one of the nicer walks in Buderim.

Ps. Don’t forget to wear Mosquito repellant

David Stewart

Personal Trainer Buderim