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Stairway to Hell

Sunshine Coast Personal Training Lara Drive Stairs

Stairway to Hell

Arguably one of the most gruelling workouts on the Sunshine Coast, Buderim’s Lara Drive stairs will get you results and fast.  The 148 stairs ascend from Hallmark Court to Lara Drive with a 12m elevation over approximately 120m.  Looking pretty much vertically up at the summit feels like you’re about to embark on a trip up Everest, the trick is to only look up at the few stairs in front of you.

Training Tips:

If you are just starting an exercise regime I suggest setting a goal of walking 5 and then aiming for an extra set every second attempt.  Once you have the ability the walk 10 sets I would re-adjust your goal and walk 2, jog 3 hitting every step on the way.  Again, continue to add one jogging set every second attempt until you can to 10 in total.

For the fitter humans, I generally do 2 walking sets as a warm-up and then we step it up a notch.  I like to sprint up and walk down whilst alternating hitting every step for the even sets and every second step for the odd steps.  If you are doing 10 sets of this you can consider yourself fit.

David Stewart

Personal Trainer at The Summit Buderim

Buderim Personal Training Lara Drive