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Holiday Kilos

Holiday Kilos Fitness Discussion

Holiday Kilos

The thing about energy is it cannot be created or destroyed, just modified. So what does this mean? Energy from food is used to keep you alive, power that morning walk or alternatively, it can be turned into body fat. Either way that energy must come from food. So, I am sorry to say, slow metabolism or not, that belly fat has come from what you put in your mouth. 

That roast turkey, ham and 12 stubbies you consumed over Christmas – that’s energy.  Also, the muffin top hanging over your pants – that’s also energy, in a stored form. So, each holiday season when you add an extra kilo of stored energy to your gut it won’t go away without you purposely modifying it eg. through exercise.

So many of the people I train tell me they don’t eat much on a day to day basis, so it got me thinking. Maybe we just add on an extra kilo or two on every holiday season and neglect the part where we need to purposely work it off. Over a 10-year period with 2 holiday sessions on average that could explain the extra kilos of weight you are now carrying.

Your body tends to like the state it’s in and will regulate everything including hunger to maintain this weight. Furthermore, like exercise, you add a new stimulus that it must adapt to. The only problem is the only stimulus you’re adding is a butt-load of Calories.

The point to this story is enjoy, your holidays and eat beautiful food, but remember you must consciously burn it off, either through Calorie deficit or exercise (a combination works best).

– Dave Stewart